2023 Tidy Towns & Cities Finalists:


Beechworth – Indigo Shire

Totally Renewable Beechworth (TRB) is a dedicated community group striving for Beechworth to be powered entirely by renewable energy. Their Home Energy Efficiency Expo, planned and executed by TRB volunteers, received grants from Indigo Shire Council and the Department of Energy, Environment, and Climate Action. Held at Quercus Hall, the event featured expert presenters on enhancing energy efficiency at home and in businesses, covering topics like passive design, renewable energy, and heat pumps.

Violet Town – Strathbogie Shire

Strathbogie Shire is leading in climate action. Initiatives began in 2015 with green and organic waste collections, followed by the Bogie Bulk Buy of Solar in 2017, and the Sustainable Strathbogie 2030 Plan in 2019. Joining the Victoria Energy Collaboration in 2021, they committed to 100% renewable electricity. The council declared a climate emergency, developing a comprehensive Climate Change Action Plan with five main areas: protecting the environment, reducing emissions, building climate resilience, sustainable transportation, and advocating for change.

Yachandandah – Indigo Shire

Since 2014, a group of dedicated locals has been actively combating climate change, strengthening the local economy, and fostering a resilient power system. Their initiatives prioritise cost savings, energy resilience, comfort, health benefits, and reduced carbon emissions. Supporting energy conservation, flexible electricity use, and renewable power generation, they work towards achieving 100% renewables. With a community-focused approach, they engage residents, businesses, community groups, the local shire, and infrastructure providers, sharing their knowledge with other communities and organisations nationwide to promote alternative energy solutions.

Geelong – City of Greater Geelong

Geelong Sustainability created the Geelong Community Solar Program to provide accessible information sessions and harnessed large-scale buying power to enable local households and businesses to afford high-quality solar and battery storage systems. As a result, 281 households and businesses invested over $4M in renewable energy infrastructure, including 1.7MW (5,117 panels) of rooftop solar and 825kWh of battery storage. This investment is projected to reduce energy emissions in the Greater Geelong region by 54,740 tonnes of CO2e over the next 25 years.

Geelong – City of Greater Geelong

Geelong Sustainability spearheaded the Community Power Hub project on behalf of the Barwon Region Alliance for Community Energy. The initiative united community energy groups and local government from various areas in the Victorian Barwon South West region. Through collaborative efforts, the project aimed to promote sustainable energy practices and foster community-driven initiatives for a greener future.

Mornington Peninsula Shire

The Solar and Energy Bulk Buy program provided affordable energy-efficient products, resulting in 68 installations. The ongoing Save Energy: Save Money trial offered free hot water heat pumps to low-income households, facilitated by the Shire’s Community Support Centres and Want a Heat Pump. Business support included Environmental Upgrade Finance, enabling over $2 million in loans for 1,183 kilowatts of solar power and energy efficiency upgrades since 2017.